The 14th International Conference on Reliability, Maintainability and Safety (ICRMS2023) will be held from 26-29 Aug 2023 in Urumuqi, Xin Jiang, China, hosted by China Astronautics Standards Institute. ICRMS is an international conference on Reliability, Maintainability and Safety with a long history. It was initiated by several leading academic societies in China and has been supported by the  IEEE Reliability Society Beijing Chapter. This year, the theme for the conference is Reliability,Maintainability and Safety for High -quality development. The conference covers all topics related to reliability, maintainability and safety with potential applications in the fields of industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, aerospace, transportation, petrochemical, civil engineering, and more.  The ICRMS2023 serves a platform for discussion and shows case of the latest research achievements in reliability, maintainability and safety.  In addition, internationally renowned experts will be invited to deliver keynote speeches, session

Essential information

Meeting time: August 26-29, 2023

Venue: Urumqi, Xinjiang, China


Reliability,Maintainability and Safety for High-quality Development


High-quality Development

Quality Management Technology

Quality Assurance Technology

Quality Improvement Technology

Quality Policy Research
5 Digital Quality Management System Construction
6 Digital Development and Production Process Quality Management

Digital and Intelligent systems ReliabilityMaintainability and Safety Assurance

Intelligent and Reusable Systems Reliability and Safety

Man-machine Integration, Hardware and Software Mixed Systems Reliability and Safety

Cyber-Human-Physics SystemsCHPSReliability and Safety

10 Network and System of systems Reliability and Safety

11 Digital-Twin Systems Reliability and Safety

Industry Product Reliability and Testability

12 Electrical, Electronic and ElectromechanicalEEEUnit Reliability and Testability

13 Material Reliability

14 Supply Chain Reliability and Safety

15 Software Reliability and Safety

Other Topics

16 Human Factor Reliability and Safety

17 Prognostics and Health Management

18 Life Assessment and Remaining useful Life Prediction

19 Equipment Maintainability, Testability and Supportability

20 Failure Analysis and Physics of Failure

21 Multidisciplinary Design Optimization


23 Model based Reliability and Safety Analysis; Model based Fault Management

24 Environment Adaptability Design, Analysis and Assessment
25 Reliability, Maintainability and Safety Standards

Key Dates
Deadline for submission of English abstract
June 30 2023
Deadline for submission of English full text
July 15 2023

Chinese Society of Astronautics
IEEE Beijing Section
IEEE Beijing Section Reliability Chapter
Chinese Society of Astronautics
Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics

China Institute of Field Statistics
China Electronics Society
China Society of Mechanical Engineering
China Instrument and Control Society
China Ordnance Society
ICRMS’2023 CONFERENCE CHAIRS( to be announced )
contact information
Li Yuan:liyuan_casi@spacechina.com

Shu Wang :010-88108243 17888840056
Ruifeng Li :010-88107945  15313975981 
Kanglun Liu :010-88107976 15531897250
Xiaopeng Li :010-88108253 18210936631 

Special Guest & Keynote Speaker